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  • Fountain system
    Focus on innovation and technology, the fountain is committed to provide high quality service, show the visual feast
  • Water pump
    Focus on pump research and development mechanism, for fountain art foundation, show the brand strength
  • Light
    Focus the light visual design for the fountain art visual color, show the aesthetic appeal
  • Creative water show

    Creative water is through the laser projection design casting show pictures, with water type builds a stunning shock of waterscape design fusion images

  • Water curtain movie

    Water curtain movie this compared with a fountain waterscape design, have very strong stereo feeling and space feeling, to the extent a feeling that was very impressive

  • Wall light show

    Charm is not only a visual effect of the wall show on aggressive, more is the animation and music lights in various fields such collision out sparks

  • Digital water

    Digital water curtain, water science and technology, art form perfect show attracted attention quickly. It is made up of flowing water

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Water comes from the nature, she brings the hustle, quiet peace, water landscape has become a in the waterscape design An integral part. It has the characteristics of flexibility, skillful in due to borrow, space organization, coordination of water scene change Role. Let into the modern science and technology, building environmental art and cultural entertainment, social economy as a whole comprehensive landscape Art. A comprehensive understanding and grasp its features and form and the rhythm of her, is "always fine creation" design and manufacture Workers pursue better grasp the waterscape design and design intent expression of the state's central theme ...






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